App problems Android loading account


I cant get the Rachio app to work anymore. I just get a white screen with a little progress indicator that never completes. If I wait long enough I get a message that I must close the app. I start it again and the same happens. See the screenshot attached.



I had the team review your account and everything seems to load normal. Can you kill the app and try opening it again?



No, its always the same. This is all I get until a popup “Rachio isn’t responding” . Then all I can do is “close app” or “wait”. Waiting indefinitely just gives me the same screen. Close app just repeats the process all over again.


Can you make sure you are on the latest version of software by going into the app store and updating the app?

Are you using iOS or Android? What version of those phones?



Yes, Im on latest version using Android 8.1


I’m having our Android team review your account.




I think I have found where the issue is coming from but I can’t reproduce it locally. If I send you an APK file would you mind seeing if it resolves the issue for you?


Yes, sure, but please explain what an APK file is and how it is used.


I’m going to message you privately with the details.



We released a version of Android today that should help with the issue you were experiencing. The version is 3.4-11819. It should be formally available in the app store within a couple hours.