App Outage 05/14

Adding my 2 cents - in South Carolina and I’m unable to perform many functions. Receive “Internal System error null” when trying to skip a watering. Receive “Error loading data” when trying to view moisture detail data. Sprinklers ran this morning (I was unable to stop them remotely) even though moisture says 110%. This has been occurring since yesterday. Force closing app (Android) and clearing cache have not helped.
@dane - the outage is certainly not resolved

So for me when I hit web app I see system (even though my light 4 is flashing). When I click it app crashes (white browser screen). So something isn’t happy. I’d look at dev tools but I’m on mobile currently.

iOS app still stuck on opening screen with Rachio symbol. Been doing this for 17 hr now

Looks like I’m fully back on line now.

Nothing here. :slightly_frowning_face:

Working now for me (Android, South Carolina)

Working for me in Florida again. Maybe unplug Rachio and let it reset? You know how code can be…