App keeps crashing!

I am attempting to run a previously set up schedule for my reseeding. When I try to change the start date, the app crashes and closes down…every time! I have tried updating the app and restarting my phone both have had no effect on this. I don’t see a post on this from recently. Anyone else having problems with the app?


I am not having the issue. Are you on Android or iOS?

Can you open in your browser and log in? If so, what happens when you try to update the schedule?

If this is also unsuccessful, try from a laptop or desktop computer, or from another phone or tablet.

If that won’t work, either, can you view the schedule? If so, try creating one like it and running that.

If still no luck, report details of the attempts.

Interesting…thanks Stewart! The site through my phone’s browser still would not let me change the date, but it at least did not crash. The login to the app on my desktop at first gave me the same problem. I tried changing the end date first this time and it let me do so as well as change the start date. Thank you for the help!

My app is not crashing, but there are some problems with trying to change dates of existing schedules. From the web interface, I can change the end date, but CANNOT change the start date. I AM able to change the dates on the iPhone app (in either order, start or end date first). The web interface is BROKEN. This isn’t good at a time when many of us may be changing overseeding dates.

@laura.bauman @franz can you help?

Do you have screenshots of the web error?


A BIG mea culpa!!! In trying to get a screenshot, I just realized that when I try to change the end date, it shows the current month. The start date shows the the ORIGINAL start date. It threw me off, because the mobile app doesn’t work this way. When you go to the start date on the mobile app it shows the current date and year as the starting point. IMHO, it would be much better if the web app also responded the same way, showing the current date. If you are wanting to change a start date, you are probably only wanting to set it to today or a date in the future.

Ok great, thanks for following up @Linn! I’ll provide this feedback to the product team.

Have a great day!