App is destroying my iPhone battery life

I have had my app for 3 days now, I checked my battery usage over the past 24 hours, Rachio has used 44% of my iPhones battery. After dialing in my sprinkler heads(maybe 20 minutes of usage), I backgrounded the app and it destroyed my battery life. I am running the latest iOS version 10.3.2 and latest Rachio version. Any known solutions to fix this?

Hey @scottprovost-

This is incredibly abnormal for our app. Can you try deleting it and reinstalling?

McKynzee :rachio:

I’d like to give it a few more days to see if it just happened to be a fluke. If it persists, then i’ll delete and reinstall. I keep you updated.

Sounds like a plan, thanks @scottprovost!

@scottprovost, FYI, iP7, same iOS, up to date app and I looked at the battery percentage used for both the last 24 hours and the last 7 days and the Rachio application doesn’t even show up - lowest usage percentage that shows is 1%. The application has been in the background for the entire period and I have gotten alerts that it is starting and finishing watering. So I would agree with @mckynzee that this is abnormal. That said, I’m not actively testing and tuning my irrigation system as it has been up for a year plus.


I’ll 2nd for most up to date ios and app. Doesn’t even show up in battery usage stats but I get alerts every day for runs and I’ve opened it up briefly in the past week

Update: Yesterday I only had the app open for a few minutes, my usage went down to 10%, now today it isn’t even showing up in the list. So it must have been because I was actively using the app.

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Its easy to become obsessed with Rachio.

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