App Feature Request: Run Order of Zones

I would like to suggest that a user be able to edit the run order of zones in a schedule. For example, rather than simply running the zones in the order they are wired (1-8, 1-16), let the user change the running order so zone 4 runs followed by zone 1, zone 3, zone 2…

Hey @bighaus90!

When creating or editing a schedule, if you press and hold any zone on the zone selection screen (for creation) or the duration editing screen (for editing), you can change the orders the zones run in! Let me know if that helps, and if I can answer any other questions.

McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks for your help @mckynzee. A member of support told me the that arranging the order is not available in a schedule but is available during remote function. Seems to be the opposite.

Hey @bighaus90-

It is actually available for both. The same drag and drop feature is available in the remote. I will review your support interaction and correct the misinformation!

@mckynzee, I’m confused about how to accomplish this through the remote. By default “All Zones” is selected and when I drop them down I am unable to drag and drop the list. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

Which app are you using @bighaus90? Here is an article on how to select time for multiple zones within the remote, but you should be able to press and hold within that list and reorder the zones. The UI can be a bit confusing, I can record my screen to show this if need be.

@mckynzee I’m using the Android Rachio app. The article shows arrows next to the zone to move it up or down, I don’t see those arrows in my app and can’t press and hold a zone to move it.

I stand corrected, you are correct that this functionality is not available on Android. Thank you for bringing this inconsistency to light!

I have made our development team aware of this, but in the meantime, I recommend using the web app if you would like to manually run your zones in a specific order!

/filed under absolutely zero UI discoverability

Here’s what I’d consider a “good” UI for discovering how to remove items or re-order them from Spotify. The left red circles remove tracks from a playlist while the right hamburger menus are click & hold icons to drag tracks up or down.


Android is always the red headed stepchild

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The iOS app doesn’t have the little up/down arrows when editing a schedule like the Remote section does. Though as @mckynzee pointed out you can still tap + hold them, then they sort of hover a little bit and can be moved. I’d have never discovered that had she not pointed it out.

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I agree, it’s super hidden! I like the little hamburgers, I think they are becoming the standard. We are definitely working to make those more discoverable.

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