App Display: What's My Soil Moisture?

Android App has a Layout Problem.

Soil Moisture not wrapping, numbers not visible.

My Android doesn’t have that problem, but then my text appears smaller than yours. Perhaps a text setting on your phone to increase size causes this?

Are these zones in a Flex Daily schedule? I don’t believe the percentage is calculated for anything except Flex Daily…

Thanks for the replies. The Moisture is being calculated.

Being 50+, I am on the Largest Font (which still isn’t HUGE), but selecting 1 size smaller does display the Moisture %. I’d expect that all fonts should display by wrapping.

If your activity doesn’t require being present in the yard, on your computer should be easily readable without using a large font.

If yard presence is desired, viewing on the phone browser may work better for you. All the data should be visible; if anything is hard to read just zoom the page by pinching out.

I’m 75+ and had cataract surgery about 5 years ago. It was like getting new eyes and made many activities more pleasurable. If that’s your issue, go for it.