App display issue/question


I was checking my Zones this morning, and noticed that one of the zones that ran last night is showing up a with a soil moisture percentage of 10% in the thumbnail. However, if I delve deeper, it appears to actually be at 100% in the journal and table. Even more interesting, a zone that ran this morning and is at 102% in the journal and table is showing up at 102% in the thumbnail. I am going to assume that this is a glitch in the display, but thought it should be brought to someone’s attention. I’m thinking it might be related to it being exactly 100%… will be interesting to see if it changes as the moisture level goes down.

Click the little arrow next to Irrigation, you’ll see that some of it is from the past (what was done) and some from the future (what will be done). Soil Moisture is the level now (regardless of what happens in the evening), whereas the chart is what will be at the end of the day.

Depending on what device you’re using, and whether you keep the app on on the device, I’ve seen where the displayed moisture percents are not updated. Updating on the PC, or dragging down on Android (I think) updates the values. I’ve noticed in several places, like when changing a schedule, that things don’t always update properly, or right away.