API for use in home automation systems

I would like to be able to send a command to the Rachio via geolocation to turn off sprinklers.

While not critical its important.

I’m new here, but just set up an Iro and connected it to my Wink Hub, also recently set up. What do you mean by geolocation? With the Wink Hub, I can create a Robot that will turn sprinklers on/off when I leave or arrive at a specified location. Is that what you are looking for?

@daviddelano‌ is your WinkApp working with Rachio? Mine times out whenever I run a command from it like manually rub a zone, shortcut or “robot”.

Do you plan to open your API for integration with other systems like Indigo? I have quite a bit of home automation set up with Indigo already and would love to integrate the two

@markasimmons‌ We are trying to integrate with IFTTT. Unfortunately they have been unresponsive to our requests. Will let you know if/when we get a response from them. We are ready to do the work. I’m unfamiliar with Indigo, can you point me to a website? We will also be integrating with other platform hubs, more news on that later.

my vote is for Control4

@bigbiggreendog‌ Control4 is on our radar :slight_smile:

How about SmartThings?

my vote for Indigo as well !!!. Indigo ( http://www.indigodomo.com ) is the oldest, most flexible, up-to-date, affordable and best home automation (HA) software for Apple Mac ($100, $200 Pro). Most people, including me are running this on Mac Mini as a HA software-controler (better than Vera, or similar) and control INSTEON, Z-Wave, X10 devices and has great number of 3d party API plugins to control Philips Hue, Nest, Neatmo, Lutron, Honeywell, Sonos, Elk, Vera Bridge, Weather Underground, etc, etc. The control is either from Apple Mac, Website, iPhone, iPad. Definitively, much faster (instant), reliable, more powerful than IFTT if you are considering API. (IFTT is a very poor cousin compare to Indigo.) Also, there is much more users of Indigo than Control4. My vote is definitely for Indigo API doing first on Mac, before starting doing API for any other Apple based, related HA (Control4, Savant are great, but expensive from instalation dealers only).

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@steveganz‌ @Rainman‌ Thanks for information guys, this is a great short list of integrations. I will give more updates as we continue to build these out.

@franz - I vote for insteon integration as I have a insteon-full house. I use a management product called ISY from Universal Devices. Their product would be the integration point. Also, there is a relatively new product that is attempting to have universal home automation control. The product is called Revolv.

I second the request for Insteon integration (I also have a full house Insteon system). Although I have to admit I haven’t yet figured out any strong reason for the 2 systems to really be integrated. I suppose my best guess is to allow Insteon to suppress watering, or to allow Insteon to manually force a zone to run. Maybe I want my back sprinklers to turn on when there’s nighttime motion in the back yard to scare off the animals eating my vegetables :slight_smile:

@svento - I’m with you to be honest. I can’t think of a real use case. I gave up a few years ago on the need to have EVERYTHING interoperate with a common interface. Yes, Control4 would have been nice but it was out of my price range as much as I wanted to do it. Products like Revolv may resolve the interoperability between desperate home automation products some day.

+1 for Control4 and Apple’s HomeKit (which I am guessing will give us many options such as geofencing, bridging different HA devices, etc…).

I agree with SteinyD - right now there are too many differing home automation “standards” with no integration outside of their own systems.

Good point about HomeKit… that’s probably the first thing to work on as a differentiator! From what I understand about it, that may save a lot of integration efforts with individual systems as you simply allow Apple to be the integrator. (Of course it’s iOS only, but that still covers a large part of your user base).

@svento‌ Yes HomeKit on the radar, trying to figure out what benefits we derive.

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@franz, all I need for SmartThings integration is a developer API to hook into.

@steveganz‌ We have a fairly large RESTful API, need to figure out how to make it consumer consumable since it is fairly complex :slight_smile:

@franz, I’m one of the partners at Indigo Domotics and we make Indigo, the premiere Mac-based home automation system (which several users above have apparently voted for - thanks guys!). Please feel free to contact us - good irrigation controllers are pretty rare and we’d love to see an Indigo plugin to support the Iro. I almost picked up one at Home Depot the other day but wasn’t sure if there was an API.

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@indigo_jay‌ Looks like a great platform, can you PM me at franz@rach.io and give us details on integration? Thanks!