API - Device IDs

I’ve been a programmer for over 40 years, and this has to be one of the most confusing/poorly documented APIs that I’ve ever run into. Could someone please update the documentation and utilize the same terms everywhere? I think that the API documentation author should have a programmer, who hasn’t seen the API, try to use it using the documentation.

First question: According to the " Making your first request" section of the documentation, https://api.rach.io/1/public/person/info returns a “person id”. I get an id back, but what do I ever do with that? Nothing else seems to utilize it.

The Device calls all seem to want a Device id. Where does one find the device ID?

– Geoff

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I have no programming experience and from what I can tell. Once you do your person/info call then you would person/id: which in the example it shows you the Device ID which is what I assume is used through all the Device Calls. Under public/person/id it gives a pretty good example on the return which has zone ids as well.

 "devices": [
   "id": "2a5e7d3c-c140-4e2e-91a1-a212a518adc5",
   "status": "ONLINE",

On the left hand side click on public/person/:id then on the right hand side there is a drop down int he response area. You can click the call and see what the response contains.

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Are you sure it is not compatible with your master valve? Is it not 24 VAC? If not, it might still be able to be with some type of relay.