API Calls Return No Data

Im having some trouble with the call to get current schedule running, it returns empty braces. And the get call to return schedulerule returns no data at all. The top level Person calls and Device info seem to work fine.

Only when a scheduled schedule is running will this return data.

Where did you retrieve the ID for the schedule rule?


So if the current schedule is on a saturation skip will that mean that it will return the empty braces? I would think that it would return something notifying that it was on a saturation skip.

I may have misunderstood the shedulerule ID which seems like it would come from the current schedule call. I would also think that it would return at least some error stating that it was a bad ID.

I am attempting to build 3rd party integration for a home automation platform and I am doing my best to recreate a similar more simplified version of the web interface but from what I can tell your API will not provide me enough to accomplish this. I was hoping to be able to show the current and next schedule and allow the option to skip. Am I missing something or will this not be possible?

Thank you for the quick reply on a Saturday night!

Only running schedules return data.

The device info will have all the schedule ids.

This would only be possible if we returned the schedule calendar which we do not currently.


Im now attempting to use a PUT call to implement your rain delay. Im using your Postman files for testing and the call returns nothing at all. And doesnt seem to be working. If the Bearer information is not valid then it will return the not authorized message. If I delete the duration of the delay and make the call I receive an error for that. But when its proper, I get no response. And from the web UI it does not look to be delayed. Please help.

So I can see now that the History shows my calls are actually working. There is just no success response or data returned by the API and no change in the web interface…

That call returns the below so I wouldn’t expect anything returned. If you refresh the webapp do you see the rain delay? Also, I know @Dan is working on a defect where after 15 minutes the webapp stops receiving state change events.


  • @apiSuccessExample {json} Success-Response:
  • HTTP/1.1 204 No content

schedulerule skip returns that it is not supported by v 3.0 API? Is this true or has that functionality moved to a different call?

Im also getting an error when attempting to subscribe to webhooks:

Error creating webhookPERMISSION_DENIED: Requesting user does not have access to location 6aa1d8fe-04d7-4bbc-a86c-226b060dc96b

All other calls seem to work fine.