API call to local sprinkler IP?

I am building a little home automation system which includes controlling various water fill projects. Part of this process uses the API call to determine if the sprinklers are running and to not fill/refill things while the sprinklers are running.

I am concerned about my scripts inability to make the API call (my internet down, or Rachio servers down).

Is there anyway to make the API request directly to my sprinkler IP?

I can see the sprinkler is responding on port 80 and was hoping I could get the information without having to break out wireshark.


@rjsears This is not currently possible. Gen 2 does have the capability to run a webserver, at some point I would like to expose those capabilities.



Thanks Franz -

I assume that you guys are talking to it and getting that information, and I see it is running a webserver actively so I would be interested in accessing it locally for its status in case my internet goes down!


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+1 - a local API would make smart home solutions more robust since it would take the internet/cloud out of the equation.

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Does Gen 3 allow this?

We have a feature called direct access which is used for setting schedules before the controller is connected to the internet (i.e. new home builds). Once the controller is connected this feature is longer available.


+1 for local device control. Going to the cloud when unnecessary is a fail. Let us use the API interfaced directly to the controller on our own networks…PLEASE!

Any traction here on opening up the local API?

Yes +1! Cloud should ALWAYS be ancillary to the core functionality.