API call starts a manual schedule that runs daily

I’m using the API to call public/zone/:id/start to open a valve on demand and run it for an hour. It works fine, but the valve opens for another hour without an API call after about a day. It’s recorded in the watering log but I haven’t made an API call.

I’m using an ISY from Global Devices to issue the call. I’m 98% sure the ISY isn’t sending it so I’m wondering if this is somehow designed behavior for the Rachio.




There wouldn’t be any correlation as those runs are just “one” time.

Are you sure some other automated process made a similar call or maybe a test schedule that was created?

If you experience this again I can have the development team do a quick review.

Have a great day!


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Franz, thanks for the reply. I thought that’s how it worked, your confirmation helped me narrow down the problem.

I’m doing some packet capture now to see if the ISY is issuing the api request. I should know in a day or two where this is coming from.