API Access to Next Scheduled Watering

Is there a way to see the next scheduled watering through the API?



We do not currently expose that data through the API.


Is this on the feature development list?

I would love to see my Rachio schedule on a Google Calendar, as an Android widget, in SmartThings and Action Tiles, etc.

Ok, so I’m not the only one who wants this. :point_up_2: I am a bit surprised this data is not exposed through the API, given the otherwise comprehensive nature of the API. It would be nice to know rationale here, because if there’s a reasonable explanation for not exposing that info it would make me a more content customer…

So there’s no way to know which zone is going to be watered when (flex daily) without clicking on each calendar day. Clearly this is important information and should be available somehow via the API.

There are official / published API & unofficial / full API (as used by the mobile apps & app.rach.io).
As far as I know, rachio does not go out of their way to prevent you from monitoring the data flow on the developer console & use unofficial / full API (as long as you don’t flood the server with status / poling requests).
From the company / developer point of view, making a specific feature / API endpoint “official” has a real cost associated with maintaining & freezing the API state, so that no further changes can easily be done. Last thing you’d want is to spend time developing an app / plugin & having it fail due to some changes to the API being used.
Core APIs have been made available publically & documented, thus frozen, schedule endpoint does not appear to be one of them (likely due to active development that occurs with schedule(s) on the ongoing basis).

Should you choose to sniff the data & use unofficial / full API, you accept risk that your work will need to be updated on the ongoing basis to keep up with API change(s).

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Where can I find more info about the unofficial API? I understand it’s not cast in concrete but I’m willing to accept that.

For anything accessible at app.rach.io , just press F12, refresh the page and see what it does.

If it’s something only available in the mobile app, I suppose you would have to run it in an emulator and use one of the certificate pinning bypass tools.

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When I view the response to https://app.rach.io/devices//history, the response is an image. How do I get the actual data?

Is this useful?

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My 2 cents is that filtering by XHR will make it easier to spot useful info in 99% of the case.