Anyway to enter water output per zone

So the flex scheduling stuff seems very sophisticated but one simple thing that would be more accurate than all the nozzle types would be the ability to just enter the output per hour in each zone. It is easily measured with a cheap rain gauge. Did I miss this? Seems too simple to overlook.

How would that be different then nozzle flow rate? That would be the same I think.

Nozzle flow rate tells you how many gallons coming out of one nozzle, but unless you have a perfectly designed system its hard to figure out. If you put a rain gauge its much easier to calculate.

Another problem - my nozzles are 1.5 gallons/minute on the system I’m trying to use with Rachio. Forget about the fact that it is hard to deal with overlap and nozzles that my not go 360 degrees, Rachio has the flow rate in cubic inch per hour with the default at .7 cubic inches per hour for a rotary head. I’ve spent a lot of time calibrating my system and have never been able to get close to an inch (even .7 inches) in an hour.

Anyone from Rachio want to posit how many inches comes out of a Hunter rotary at 1.5 gallons/minute? Its nearly impossible to calculate the inches per hour because each nozzle can have a different distance/throw/disperson.

Hunter has all their charts online at Rainbird, Toro/Irritrol, Weathermatic etc. will also have that info online on their respective websites. You’ll find gpm and precip rates for each nozzle at different pressures and distances.

With that information in hand, it’s pretty easy to make a custom sprinkler head.

Makes sense, I’ll just run the zones with my water gauge and then create a custom head for each.

I would imagine that a water gauge is the same as a catch cup, which is what the Rachio folks recommend for calibrating custom spray nozzles. This doesn’t work for bubblers and emitters.

Many of us prefer to define custom nozzles from the flow rate as measured on your water meter feeding your property, if you have one. Divide that rate by the coverage area of your zone, and you have the perfect average nozzle definition. You can adjust for uneven coverage with the efficiency setting.

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Anyone know how to edit and/or delete a custom nozzle?

Left slider menu, you can access your custom nozzle library. Android hold down to delete, iOS slide left (or right?).


How about in the web interface?

In the webapp you can only create custom nozzles. Edit/delete will be in a future release.


My Hunter rotary nozzles output .39 in/hr according to their specs as shown to me by my local irrigation supplier. Does anyone know why the default for rotary nozzles is set to 0.7?

Because there are multiple manufacturers of rotary nozzles and Rachio has to do something in the middle. The Hunter MP Rotators are the lowest PR of the bunch. The Rainbird R-VAN’s can put down as much as .78"/hr for reference.