Anyone's Experience ATT Uverse WiFi with Rachio

I am planning to switch from Cox Cable to AT&T Uverse but before I do want to make sure their WiFi is reliable. Any comments good or negative would be appreciated. Overall experience with Uverse too.

It shouldn’t really matter. Rachio is on the 2.4ghz band and there really is not a lot the wap can do for signal to noise ratios and most waps have pretty good chipsets.

Until we get an Ac version that can direct the energy wave, I wouldn’t worry.

If you can swing it, I really love ubiquitis line of products. I use them here at the house, very feature rich

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I have had ATT Uverse for 4 years. There are no major problems with using Rachio. I do have their highest internet speed tier because I do video conferences for work. Their speeds will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

I do have one problem with the ATT supplied Gateway and Rachio. There is something funky going on with there connectivity which causes my Rachio to blink the 4th light all the time. The Rachio still operates perfectly!!! I have been in contact with Rachio support about this and they see no problems on their end and again, everything is working fine. I just have to deal with the fourth light always blinking. This is not a problem is you supply your own router, but, I use the rented ATT one.

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@anders1212 I’m going to have our firmware engineer look into your 4th light blinking issue. Will report back our findings.


Thanks @Franz

Support was helping me a few weeks ago and we determined it was an ATT Gateway issue because the Rachio is operating fine. But, maybe there is more information available now.

Thanks for the feedback.


I have not heard of that problem! Is the top most LED still blinking? If you power cycle the device and wait for it to reconnect does it continue blinking?


I was working with Travis S. in support about this issue about a month ago. We tried power cycling the Rachio, my gateway, and router all in different sequences and the problem still exists. Feel free to email or PM me.

I have ATT but do not use their supplied gateway for WiFi or as a router. I have an Asus RT-AC66U router doing all the work and don’t have any issues with any connections / devices.