Anyone Switch from Gen 2 to Gen 3?

I am debating on whether to purchase a Gen 3 unit. Has anyone switched from Gen 2 to Gen 3?
Do you think it is worth buying a new unit? I have been very pleased with my Gen 2 unit, but I would like the option of a wireless flow meter.

I switched. I also have been very pleased with my Gen 2, but just in case they decided to offer other wireless products down the road, I figured I’d take advantage of the intro pricing.


My friend bought a Gen 3 and Rachio has asked him to participate in a beta test for an underground install. My question to Rachio is where else would a flow sensor be installed but 18-24 inches below ground? He says a special fitting is required to install. Nobody in the residential irrigation market has a wireless flow sensor that detects a break and measures flow. Pretty amazing. I cannot wait to buy.

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