Anyone still waiting on customer loyalty order for Gen 2?

I was likely one of the first orders as I placed mine almost immediately upon receiving the email (I really love the gen 1 and had neighbors willing to take it off my hands). However, it is now going to be nearing two weeks since that time and still no shipment notification. Since mine was one of the $100 off loyalty promos, I feel like I’m getting a bit of the short stick as resellers and other vendors have no problems giving you a full priced unit while Rachio is claiming delays over “numbers of orders”.

  1. If others have received units and I’m still waiting I find that irritating as I placed it ASAP.
  2. If others have not received theirs then is Rachio being intentional in fulfilling vendors/resellers first?

I’m not trying to start a flame war, but it is just somewhat frustrating either way. I already emailed support to which I got the standard “we’re sorry about that and we’re working to fulfill orders quickly”.

I placed my order on the 5th & have not received shipping status either.

I also received a shipping update email:

Thank you so much for purchasing a Generation 2 smart sprinkler controller. We are very appreciative of your loyalty and excitement.

We wanted to update everyone on the shipping status of our special Generation 2 offer. We had incredibly high demand - even more than we anticipated! It was a combination of all the new features plus the significant discount we offered all of our customers.

At the moment, we expect all orders to be processed and shipped this coming week. Some of you may have already received your shipping notifications, while others have not. In some rare cases, our system may have given an incorrect ship date. We apologize for any confusion.

I’m just holding tight … but my irrigation season does not start for at least couple of months, so I’m not in a hurry. :smiley:

@htowngator, good morning. I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed in your promotional order. We are fulfilling orders everyday; in order in which they were placed. I do show your order as prepared and forecasted to be fulfilled today. I’ll reply to your support email with the tracking number.

Please note, we are not prioritizing orders by price.

Thanks, Emil


i ordered mine the hour i got the email. i messaged them inquiring about it’s ETA last week and was told they’re baglogged.

it came in the mail yesterday and was online by 10pm last night.

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