Anyone running ios 13?!?!?!

Seems i lost all my labels in homekit with ios13. Anyone running the beta and can comment? Trying to make sure it is not me and either Rachio or Apple need to make an update. All of my zones are there and still work, but there are no labels and can’t seem to find a way to add any. The look in 13 is different with the zones two across and going down. Interested in others thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for your time!

Apple does a poor job of maintaining backwards compatibility. They will break things and expect app developers to fix their apps that used to work just fine.

Guys that’s why Apple warns against runnings experimental software this excepted behavior. I currently run iOS betas and test them, I currently don’t own 3rd generation yet though. Also it’s not rachio responsibility to release a patch for operating system that is not due to release till the fall. Sorry guys not trying to be harsh.


Yes and Apple may reject apps with fixes for beta iOS since it could be a bug in the beta. Just about every Apple expert is saying to avoid these betas and they’re baffled that beta 2 was released to the public. Don’t try the iOS 13 betas. They’re the buggiest betas in years… and that’s okay. They’re betas :-p

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I’ll echo what @Kubisuro said. This first public beta release of iOS 13 was based of the second developer beta which is still pretty early in the beta cycle (personally, I don’t usually start using the betas on my devices until around the 4th - 6th developer beta).

What ends up happening, is there’s bugs in some of the UI code provided by Apple (UIKit) because they’re changing lots of things. I’m purely speculating here, but the missing labels could actually be there, but there could be an issue in the beta with how iOS handles colors now (with the new dark mode introduction in iOS 13 a color can be a “light mode color” and a “dark mode color” and have two different values).

The Rachio app hasn’t been built against the iOS 13 SDK so we’re not using any of the new iOS features in the production app, but when iOS 13 release gets closer this fall, we’ll definitely make sure there aren’t any unexpected breakages.

Usually, these kind of issues get fixed up pretty quickly in the iOS beta and then 3rd party apps start just “working” because things have started settling down.


Cool, yea, I understand its early beta. and I’m not “upset” things aren’t working perfectly. Just was reaching out to the community to check if others are seeing what I am seeing; basically making sure its not just my set up. I had posted something similar on a reddit page, but didn’t get any responses so thought my odds were higher here.

BTW- not that it matters, but experince today is same w “light” and “dark”.

Things have actually been better than expected so far for me on 13. Its not that bad if you have low expectations, ha!

Thanks for everyone’s input; again not complaining as I know im out in front of my skis a bit.


As an update and incase anyone was wondering…the ios 13 public beta 2 (update) fixed the problem I mention earlier. Labels are BACK! Its not perfect but good news they are addressing it and guessing it will be looking great come official fall release.

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Also running iOS 13 and haven’t experienced any issues with B4 so far!