Anyone mounted their controller in a server rack?

Getting my new system installed this week and hoping to have the Rachio controller installed in my server rack with my other home automation equipment. I’m sure I can fabricate up something but wanted to see what others have come up with for their setup.

Any pics/ideas would be much appreciated!!

Do you already have your irrigation wires coming in to said rack? I don’t see how you could install in a server rack because of the way the wires install into the unit. Only way I could see it working is if you had at least a 4u filler panel that you could mount Rachio to. it would have to be mounted on the front side of the panel just as it would on a wall.

Wires will be run as part of the system install This is for a brand new irrigation system so no wires or plumbing have been run.

I’ve got a 42U rack that is about 1/3 full, so using up 4U wouldn’t be a problem…was just hoping someone had come up with a nice clean install, vs me working to pull something together on my own.

I also haven’t seen a Rachio in person to get an idea of how looks and how large it is. Install guys are going to mount it to the all nearby and leave extra wire so I have some to play with when I install it in the rack.

No reason why you couldn’t, especially if it’s a scratch install, as long as your willing to be charged extra by your irrigation installer to run wires into your house :wink: But your not going to find Rachio ears for rack mounting, just use a piece of plywood painted black for a cleaner look.

I made sure the quote includes running the wires inside and since the basement is unfinished, it didn’t seem to be that big of a deal to the installer.

Looks like I’ll be fabricating something. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I figure out how I want to mount it.

Thanks for the insight!

I think your best bet is to by a 4U filler panel, which would be roughly 7" tall and mount the Rachio to that (Gen2 is just under 6" tall). You would have to drill a hole for the wires to pass through, as well as the mounting screws.

Here is what the install would look like without the cover on. I think it would be a pretty clean mounting on the 4U panel.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll be ordering a 4U filler panel tonight and will have to post pictures once I get it all setup. Hopefully I have enough space to mount 2 side by side on one panel for when I upgrade to 2 units.

It would be tight to squeeze two Gen2’s. They are 9.25" wide so you will have to use every bit of real estate on that panel, but I’m sure you can get it to work…

@Ffxhub Pictures, or it didn’t happen :wink: