Anyone know if Rachio Support is Around?

I’ve sent Rachio support 3 emails over the past two weeks. I’m sure covid has hit them like everyone else, but I haven’t heard anything back, not even an auto reply saying we’ll get back. Has anyone had any luck contacting the support team by email? I’ve tried both regular email (support (at) rachio dot com) and through the web interface.

Try calling them at 844-4RACHIO (844 472 2446), opening a ticket from the mobile app Help section, and/or leaving a message from the chatbot at

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Hey @kevinh! Could you DM me and @dane your email so we can look into this??

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Thanks Laura. DM sent.

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:sunny:Absolutely call the number!!! i can almost guarantee that you will GREAT HELP. Also just a hint IF you call about the same time of day you might even get the same person that you’ve talked to in the past…That is what is always challenging about call centers, you finally get to talk to someone, but you have to start all over again. So try calling get a fabulous consultant and then call around that same time and as fate would have it you might get to talk to the same representative. TRUST me its like talking to an old friend… And IF they do a great job, take the time to let them know…we so quickly go on to the next thing that has to be done on our agenda, but a few words of kindness :kissing_heart: will also make their customer service manager know that you really did appreciate the help you received from ____ (always write their name down so you remember it :wink::kissing_heart:they are their trying to make a living to provide for their family…think about it that way…kindness goes a long way… :kissing_heart: :us:


I did a work ticket via the rachio app the day before Thanksgiving and was contacted that evening. My problem was solved by black Friday.