Anyone found any good deals on prime day?


Amazon is running their annual “prime” sale. Did anyone find anything worth buying?

I’ve added a few items to my “watch” list, only to see the empty list after all the traffic hit. Personally I have my fingers crossed that something like this robotic lawn mower (link) will become affordable (not bloody likely), wanted to play around with one of these for ages.


P.S. Just discovered that the robotic lawn mower is $200 (and $1) off right now, $717 before taxes.


Here’s a pretty good one… :nerd:


wow! $60 off is a great deal! Thanks @mckynzee :thumbsup:


This is where you create that commercial that verbally says the phrase so tons of Rachios are ordered on accident


Tell your friends!


I got out of Prime day with 1 item, the squatty potty for free ($10 minus $10 alexa credit), I figured I’d see what all the the hype is about


Congrats, my son got me one for Father’s Day. Like Flex I guess I’d been doing it wrong all this time.


Ha, I was going to add a bit more information to your statement but I think I’m just going to stop now


@azdavidr & @Modawg2k
OK you two–cut it out. I’m already laughing too hard! :laughing: Besides this is a public forum and I’m sure @mckynzee would not approve of all this potty talk!


I’m not like a regular mod, I’m a cool mod :sunglasses:


Just keeps getting better


No fair! What about those w/o Alexa? :frowning:


apparently there are workarounds


Already got one but man that is a sweet deal.


I feel like I may get in trouble for sharing them… but yes I have seen workarounds :joy: