Anyone find a work around to use two Rachio controllers so that Flex can ve used

I have two rachio controllers (Racho 3 each is a12 zone). I am hoping to use a flex schedule in order to benefit from the whole point of the controller, saving water! So far no luck and customer support say it isn’t possible. Anyone think outside the box to make it work. Or have you found a different brand that does work together? Thinking I may get rid of these if they won’t work together.

A few things to note… my systems are not able to be wired together, they are located too far away to combine and the Rachio 16 won’t work since I have 17 zones. One has 9 zones and the other 8 zones, so combining to one box is not possible. Please help if you can!!!

Can you tell me why flex scheduling isn’t an option for you?

As I understand it, each controller would be independent and flex daily evaluates each zone independently.