Anyone else find it confusing, having soak time in total time?

When a zone runs which includes soaking, the history log says the zone ran for 33 mins… YIKES that can’t be. After some serious log review, soak time is apparently included in the total. IMO it should not be.

The log should say, zone 6 ran for 13 mins with 2 soak times of 10 mins and 10 mins for a total time of 33 mins. Or something similar


We hit that same thing. We had a double take when we read that. I agree, soak time is not actual irrigation water time, so it should not be in the total.

My wife and I were pretty freaked out by that the first time it watered, running for over 300 minutes, but more than half of that was soak time.

Looking at days with zones that get soak time, I wonder why it is both counted and why that soak time isn’t used to water other zones.

One day next week waters two zones: Back grass (Z4) and south side Shrubs (Z6), but it runs Z4 for 17, Z6 for 14, waits/soaks 30, then Z6 for 14. Why not Z6 for 14, Z4 for 17 (during the soak), then 13 later do Z6 for 14?