Any reason not to buy Costco Rachio 3 vs 16 zone?

Costco is selling a 12 Zone Rachio 3 for $200. The 16 zone version is $279. I only need 10 zones. Is there any downside to the Costco version such as warranty, features, compatibility with app, service?

Any other startup thoughts? Looking forward to the flexibility of using a smart sprinkler controller. The Rachio 3 unit looks great. Thanks.

No, if you only have 10 zones that’s the best deal.

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Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.


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Thanks for verifying. Already ordered my Rachio 3 from Costco. Looking forward to using it.

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I saw that the Costco has a unique/exclusive feature so a few questions (I’ve been waiting 3+ days for support to respond):

  1. Will this Costco version get the same updates as any Rachio3 sold direct (ie the 8 or 16 zone variants)?
  2. Is this yard map feature truly exclusive to the Costco version, or will it come to other Rachio3 variants?
  3. Is the Costco version compatible with the flow meter?
  4. Any other differences we as a customer should be aware of, or was this simply Costco saying “to sell through us, we have to have a unique version”?

That is it for now. Thanks!!


Currently only available on the Costco version.


The 12 zone uniqueness and the yard map feature are the main differrences.

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Why only give this cool feature to Costco version?

One more:

WI+ recommends not using a PWS. What if I do want to install one? Wouldn’t a PWS only be a positive (an additional data point) if calibrated correctly?

By the way - I am a happy Gen2 customer (saved $$$ in the 3 yrs as a customer) – Gen3 is going into our new home.

Yes, for sure.


Thank you!

WI+ is best for those that don’t want to bother with a PWS and/or don’t have access to a local station. If you have a PWS, use that instead of WI+ to get the best precipitation logging results.


You would think the yard mapping feature would be available to all. Especially ones bought directly from Rachio. Nice feature to have to be only select to Costco.

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Just a guess, but often Costco’s buyers (those that arrange deals to bring in vendors/suppliers) require that a manufacturer provide unique features for Costco members. I would also hazard a guess that there is an exclusivity period for some or all of those features.

I know I’m loving the yard map feature. Also, Rachio’s chosen mapping provider is wickedly responsive to updating/correcting map issues (overhead satellite imagery was out of date but upon notification it was fixed in a day).