Any Fix Updates for Finish before Sunrise

I have seen this posted in previous years as an issue but have seen nothing on it being fixed and I see my system is doing the same thing. I have a flex schedule with “finish before sunrise”, however, it is going to run three zones with some soak time for a total of two hours tomorrow morning and plans to start around 2:30 in the morning or so. However, the sunrise time is 5:57 AM. Is there any plan to fix this so it starts the schedule for that morning at the appropriate time to actually finish right before sunrise, rather than having the water sit on the dark/damp lawn for an extra 2 hours or so?


I live in central Florida and I water in the late evenings and my watering ends before midnight. This way the lawn has more time to soak up the water and the water to penetrate deeper for deeper roots growth. I don’t worry about fungus since it’s everywhere in here and until humans can control the weather.

I agree, seems like it would be easy to implement a true end before sunrise since Rachio calculates the runtime of whatever zones need watering, then just adjust the start time based on that duration before sunrise or ‘end before a certain time’. For now though, it’ll start based on the total duration of the entire schedule, even if all zones aren’t watering that day. I use only one flex schedule so combined all zones it was starting the evening before and most times ending before midnight. I switched to starting at a certain time instead, still not ideal but better for me. It would also be nice, if possible, if Rachio’s end before sunrise (or maybe a new start type) could adjust start time based on ideal temperature, moisture, light, time, etc.