Another X-core move

I just installed my Gen-2 from a Hunter X-Core. The issue that i am having the setup i had before used a sensor, however i didnt see a wire for the sensor. This was my setup before

And this is what i have now

None of the zones come on and the only thing that i see that is different is the fact that i dont have anything in my gen-2 for the 24VAC. Other than that i labeled all thw wires before my disconnect to make sure they went in the right place and my C is in the C. Any clues as to what can be wrong?

@Jwlewis82 - The Rachio looks wired up correctly. The 24 VAC for the Rachio is the black plug in the lower right hand corner of the last picture from the Rachio power supply.

When was the last time it rained at your location? The reason I ask is that some installers will put the rain sensor in-line with the common wire, instead of using the sensor port. If this is the case, the common wire will be open and there won’t be a complete circuit.

I’m assuming the four LED lights on the Rachio are all lit? Have you tried using the manual buttons on the face of the Rachio to activate one zone?

Finally, just checking that the water is actually on to the sprinkler system. Can you manually activate a valve in the valve box?

@DLane Thanks. Glad to know it appears wired correctly. And i am starting to think what you were sayjng about the sensor and the common being in one. I hadnt had the sprinkler too long and i never looked into how the sensor works. The weather has been rainy where i am for the last two days which might explain why i hadnt seen it come on. I am going to wait until it dries out before i test it again. Even going to manually start it does not get it started. That kind of bothers me.

The other issue that i will have to look into it seems that at any given time all four lights will be lit, then they wont be and the Rachio wont respond. This happened this morning. Almost as if its going through a power cycle. The lights vame back one by one after about 2-3 mins then I was able to try and run it manually. I will have to research if this is faulty or if i am losing power to it.

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Hey @Jwlewis82-

Are you still running into issues? Any chance to test after the rain subsided a bit?

McKynzee :rachio:

I am up and running. I took the cap off my inline sensor and it started working. I think you might have also saw my other post. Thank you for the follow up

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