Another boot error loop

Rachio Gen 3 owner here, my controller entered a boot error loop when trying to get it to reconnect to wifi, if I had any idea unplugging it and moving it closer to the AP to figure out what was going on would have bricked it I probably would have ran a new AP closer to the controller. Having bought it >2 years ago support told me in much kinder terms that I’m SOL. I haven’t found anything posted in here, but is there any more technical troubleshooting steps (i.e. manually reflashing the controller) that would normally void the warranty that anyone has that could save me from throwing this thing in the landfill? I was going to just let it run the old schedule indefinitely, but my wife complained that the zone right next to our bedroom window was constantly cycling on/off at 4am one morning so just accepting the smart functionality is gone doesn’t appear to be an option either.