Another boot error loop

Rachio Gen 3 owner here, my controller entered a boot error loop when trying to get it to reconnect to wifi, if I had any idea unplugging it and moving it closer to the AP to figure out what was going on would have bricked it I probably would have ran a new AP closer to the controller. Having bought it >2 years ago support told me in much kinder terms that I’m SOL. I haven’t found anything posted in here, but is there any more technical troubleshooting steps (i.e. manually reflashing the controller) that would normally void the warranty that anyone has that could save me from throwing this thing in the landfill? I was going to just let it run the old schedule indefinitely, but my wife complained that the zone right next to our bedroom window was constantly cycling on/off at 4am one morning so just accepting the smart functionality is gone doesn’t appear to be an option either.

In he same boat here!! Looking for ANYTHING with substance on how to fix this dam thing!

Add another to the list. Seems to be a common problem. I’ve had many friends pick this up off my recommendation, and now I’m a little over 2 years and a power outage caused a boot error loop. So far, support seems to have ignored my request, but I have a feeling they’re going to basically tell me I’m screwed.

@franz, @dane - I’ve seen others tag you in posts… any insight on possible paths forward?

I’ve attempted the power cycle, and the system reset… still stuck in boot loop

@Zech PM me your Rachio account email address, zone count, and address and I will have the success team take care of it.


PM sent. Thanks!

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@franz , @dane - My replacement did not even last a whole season. I am having the EXACT same issue as before. This time there was NO power outage, and no other network devices had issues. The controller simply lost connection and has entered this state.

As far as I can tell, I am even unable to control this thing manually, which is pretty important as I attempt to blow out my sprinklers.

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Same here.

@franz any clues why this is happening? Lawns and gardens are dying!

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I am having our customer success team reach out to you.



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