Another Arizona Set-up help thread!

In your experience, how much longer were the intervals in the winter months? I really don’t care if it stays at 4 hours, I just want to make sure it seasonally adjusts somehow. My Hunter Pro-C I can manually seasonally adjust, but it adjust watering times, not frequency.

I only added drip for my trees this spring so I don’t have winter data for them but for my lawn it was watering about once a month in January compared to every other day for a while in July.

@JPedrego, are you in AZ? I’m assuming you didn’t overseed if you were only running sprinklers once a month…

@tmcgahey When I started my flex schedules in the spring I looked at the frequency, and watched it into early summer when we went from the mid-80s to 117F within about a 10 day spread. It matched very well to the intervals suggested by Water Use It Wisely.

On the watering time, if you were watering at 1.75 hours before on a weekly schedule, you should be fine by tweaking the pr to drop to the 4.5 hr range (per @JPedrego’s recommendation).

I am, I’ve been too lazy to overseed so I just let the lawn go dormant

I overseed but haven’t had the Rachio long enough to test out winter lawn schedules. I plan to disable the summer lawn schedule and create a new one for the winter.

This wil be my first winter with Rachio, I overseed every year, so should be interesting

I’ll be continuing on my discussion about grass once I dial in the drip side…I have been brainstorming on how to work Rachio in an overspeed situation, especially early on in the seeding. I like your idea of creating a completely different schedule, but it would be nice if you could create a separate cool season grass “zone” so you can keep your settings in place for each season.

I will also add, that playing with flex scheduling is not for the faint of heart, but I didn’t by Rachio for a glorified wifi enabled sprinkler device. I loved the “set it and forget it” idea. It is going to keep me on my toes making sure the drip system emitters are working correctly…

@azdavidr So I ran my 2 drip zones this morning with the lower 0.9 PR estimated by @plainsane. Even with our weather, we haven’t had any downpours so I wanted to get some water deep down to help my struggling plants… and then low and behold, I get over 1" of rain this morning like an hour after running my zones.


What emitters do you have? Changing my 2pgh to a .40 PR per @azdavidr in another thread seemed to get me VERY close to where I should be per “Water Use it Wisely” recommendations. I had mine set to some crazy high PR based on what I had read on here from emil.

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2gph emitters… i plan on doing a more thorough evaluation of them based off the use it wisely site once the threat of heat exhaustion and lightning strikes passes this fall

@Modawg2k Perfect, so now you know what to do when you’re in need of some rain. When I’m desperate for some rain, maybe just a spattering, I wash my car.


reverse eeyore in full effect today… Pay no attention to my location marker

@Modawg2k Time to start a manual run ??

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My local weather station is showing no rain yet either, but I got quite a bit at my office…

My local weather station has a cool timelapse of the storm rolling in though!


@tmcgahey That’s really cool! Do you know what kind of PWS that is ? The dust cloud appears within just a single frame.



Is that just someone’s PWS?

Yes, it is someone PWS about 1.4 miles from me. I watched a few of them for a while and this one seemed to be the closest to what I was seeing at my house and seemed to stay online 24/7.

Website says it is a:
Station type/software: Weewx version 3.2.1 / Vantage


@tmcgahey I see, it’s a Vantage Vue running Weewx, maybe running on a Raspberry Pi since it’s unix based. The camera feed must be separate from the Vue I guess, as I don’t see it on their product page. Seems like a fun project, given the time.

Here’s a GIF of the storm. I figure that link to the video will change or go away over time.


english please

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