Announcing Google Home and SmartThings Integration

I’ve got Google Assistant on my phone (running Nougat). Any way to use Assistant to control Rachio without having to buy a Google Home device. I think having an external google device is redundant as I already carry my phone everywhere.



I believe that is their ultimate plan, but that functionality isn’t available yet. I don’t know what timeframe they are working on.


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Just wanted to say a quick “thank you” to the Rachio team for their efforts on smartthings and Google home integration. I was resetting some things this weekend and discovered that switch capability was quietly added to the zone DTH in smartthings, making it simple to ask for each zone to be turned on directly, without the “ask Rachio” bit.

Great job on both accounts, it was a lot of work I’m sure, but I bet I’m not the only one who appreciates it!




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I have 2 Rachio 8 Zone controllers (1 for Frontyard and 1 for backyard). SmartThings can only handle 1 at a time. When I add the second, it replaces the first. Am I missing something?

Rachio currently only allows the integration of one controller with your SmartThings or Google Assistant.

Any plans for adding support for multiple controllers in near future?

It is in our backlog but to be transparent it’s not incredibly high priority. Do you have two controllers at your home or do you have them in two different locations? Just want to better understand the need!

I have 2 controllers at my home - front yard and back yard.

I could have gone with a 16-zone model but the cost to get the wires extended from backyard to the front yard unit was more expensive than getting 2 - 8 Zone models.

While I understand this is not a high priority on your list as my case (more than 1 racho controllers) might not represent a significant enough number in your use cases, it will really help people like me who have multiple rachio controllers - whether they are on same location or in multiple locations.

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Nice video! …but I guess I won’t be using Rachio voice commands because I hate doing dishes…

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Hello all,

I get another email today talking about Rachio Google Assistant integration again. This time is mentions Google Home and Google Assistant on Android devices, yet I still don’t see that integration on the phone side.

Is it available using Google Assistant on my android phone?



Hey @runner1717! Check out this post for accessing the integration on your Android device: Google Assistant for Android, Rachio voice control from your phone!

@vikrants Thanks for the extra details, this is helpful! I ask because we are trying to make the experience for users with a high number of zones (read: multiple controllers) at their property more seamless. While connecting multiple controllers to an integration may not be high priority, I could see the other initiative I mentioned actually resolving the problems you are running into. No dates on this obviously, but it is on our roadmap!



That was easy. Pretty cool too! Not sure if it’s something I’ll use but it’s still cool!



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Hi. I’ve not been able to ‘link’ my Google Home to my Rachio controller. I get to the point where the link request comes up, however, it never completes successfully. This occurs whether I try to link via Google Home or via my Android phone, so I’m thinking it’s something with the Rachio. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Hey @Yepitsme!

Did you go through the steps in this support article? Do you mind providing a screenshot of where you get stuck? Thank you!


Hi, McKynzee. Thanks for the response.

I did follow the steps and I get all the way to the point of ‘Allow Access’ which I click on but it never returns back to me and never completes. Any ideas on what might be holding this up?

Thanks for your help…

Hey McKynzee. I’ve gotten a bit further, having now linked my Rachio to the Google Home via my wife’s iPhone (it never completed on my Samsung). So now they are ‘linked’, however, when I ask the Google Home to ‘talk to Rachio’ it still says the account is not linked. Any further ideas would be appreciated!

Hey @Yepitsme-

Any chance it’s a pronunciation issue? We ran into this a bit with users- check out this video to hear how to correctly pronounce Rachio so it recognizes the name! It’s the Alexa video (doing some reworking on the GA video :pensive:) but it should help with pronunciation. Also check out post 13 for some details on how to phrase commands, that may be causing issues as well!

So it turns out that Rachio was linked to my wife’s voice, given that it was her phone and her account. I’ve since signed onto the iPhone with my GMail account, linked the Rachio with myself logged into the iPhone, and now it recognizes my voice. So it appears that the Google Home can only be linked to Rachio via one account, not two.

Also, there still appears to be an issue with linking Rachio to Google Home on the Samsung S7 Edge. For me, I’m good to go having linked via the iPhone but others may still have issues.

Thank you for letting us know about the S7 issue, we will do some testing! Also yes, we did discover Google Home can only be linked to one Rachio, and only one Rachio can be linked to a Google Home account. Glad you were able to get up and running, I apologize for the issues you encountered!