Android - wrong location

I’m in Oxford Michigan. I have my zip code setup as 48370 but the app still shows the location as “Cincinnati, MI”. From what I can tell there isn’t even a city called Cincinnati in Michigan . Just for giggles I changed the zip code to 10001 (New York City) and the app still shows Cincinnati Mi.


Hey @tdoolitt-

Can you try force closing the app and re-opening it? I ran into this the other day and that seemed to fix it :slight_smile:

McKynzee :rachio:

Thanks for the quick reply. I force closed the app (settings -> apps) and powered the phone off and on for good measure. Unfortunately it still shows Cincinnati, MI.

Hey @tdoolitt-

Have you set your geolocation to the correct location? There’s a chance this could be off…

McKynzee :rachio:

I’m not sure where you are reffering to setting my geolocation? Location is turned on in the Android settings. In the Rachio app under device settings I click on the device name (which shows Cincinnati,MI under it). That is where I can update the zip code and click the button that says update my location. When I click the “update my location” button the numbers that presumably represent longitude and latitude change slightly so I believe it’s getting the location from the phones GPS.

If there is something else that I should be looking at or changing, let me know.


You got it with the “Update my Location”. That’s very strange, let me talk to our Android team and get back to you. Do you mind if I try adjusting your account on my end?

Shortly after my last post I went into that same screen again where ai can enter the zip code. I re-entered it and clicked the “update location” button like I have 100 times and now it came up as “Leonard, MI” which is correct. (I said Oxford previously because Leonard uses an Oxford zip code). I’m not sure what fixed it but I’m all set now.


So weird! Regardless, glad it’s resolved!