Android App stopped working today

My app on two different devices stopped loading today. Any else having this issue ? I am getting the " Unfortunately , Rachio has stopped " error message. Re booted my phone, did a force stop, and nothing. Put the app on a older phone and still the same error message. Works fine on my PC…

I just had an Android Play Store update this morning. App works fine post-update.
See if you have an update pending for your app.

I didn’t but I uninstalled and re installed to no prevail. The app stopped working on my samsung note 5 as well as my older Samsung note 3 at the same time.

@cobralb We were able to reproduce your issue. I’ve PMed you a new Android APK that I think will fix it, and it will be available in the Play store in a few hours if you want to wait until then (2.6-203).