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The notifications on the Android app aren’t expandable and the text is so long you can’t read it all. Please make notifications expandable

Thanks, sent to the Android team.

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seriously you guys are on fire! This is fixed already :rachio:

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just an fyi @franz this isn’t 100% fixed. The notifications are now expandable! (awesome!), but you put a link when you click on the notification to view device history, so i clicked it and it took me to the splashscreen of the app, not the history. Looking at your manifest, you don’t have an activity exported to allow jumping directly to history, so I don’t think this will ever work…

Thanks, sent this to the Android development team.

What Android OS/Phone are you using? We can’t seem to reproduce.

“I’m not sure what I need to fix for this one. Hitting the device activity button in the notification goes to the device activity for me. I tried it on a few different phones.”


Moto X 2015 android 5.1.0

[quote=“ghctim, post:4, topic:1541, full:true”] Looking at your manifest, you don’t have an activity exported to allow jumping directly to history, so I don’t think this will ever work…

We have to go via the splashscreen as the app has to check that your login is still valid etc. The Intent that is triggered by the notification sets a flag that tells the app to go to the activity tab (the tab that shows what the device has been doing, weather events etc) when the login check etc have finished. Does that part work for you?

At some point when you tap the button in the notification it will go to the list of events (the same as when you click on More on one of the cards in the activity tab) but there’s a small technical issue with that at the moment.

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I was just getting to the splashscreen. After splash I had to click on the history myself. But maybe I didn’t wait long enough for it to happen?

If it went through the splash screen and to the dashboard (the screen with the tabs at the bottom) but didn’t select the activity tab and showed the one with the device status etc there is a problem.
If I can work out how to reproduce it locally I’ll get it fixed. :smile:

Just tested again with a rain sensor deactivated notice and it didn’t take me to the history

@ghctim, are you seeing any differences between the type of notification? i.e. Rain Sensor deactivation v. Schedule start/completion?

Curious if any other users can report their experience if using another make/model Android phone?

Isn’t bug hunting fun?! :wink:

well we have had so much rain the last time I watered was July 6th. So I can say I have seen it only with the rain sensor deactivated and activated…

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here this is what everyone should be seeing:
1: notification pops up (some people might be getting a white square instead of the icon in the current version, it’ll be fixed in the next release).
2: drag down the title bar to see the notifications, hit the button
3: app opens to the activity tab

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Yes to step 1 & 2. But I never make it to the activity. I stay on the splash

There are actually two things that look like the splash screen. There is one which is just blue with the logo and then one that looks almost identical with an animating circle and some text to say what is going on. Which one does it get stuck on?

It goes to the main screen dashboard. Not the history. App loads fine

I’ve worked out how to reproduce the issue now. Fix should be in the next release. :smile:



Awesome thanks @dgp, will send out a Android release tonight with details.

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