Android app notification


More of an annoyance.
Noticed this when I first installed the Android app and even with the latest version 3.4
Notification icons from the Rachio app doesn’t display the Rachio icon. Instead, it’s the default android head icon. Any way to get this changed?


Same on my Android 8 with latest version of 3.4 (11819).


Hey @jpco & @ervin75!

This is something we’re aware of and looking into :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!

-Lo :rachio:


Hey @jpco & @ervin75

This has been fixed! Sorry it took so long for a solution!

-Lo :rachio:


Hi Laura,
I’m so sorry but it is still the same.


@ervin75 NOOO! What Android system and Rachio app version are you on?


Same here.
Android version 8.0 with app version 3.6
No new updates in the play store


@jpco @ervin75

Oh boy - thanks so much for the heads up! Wish me luck as I tell our Android Developer :grimacing: We’ve been working on this for weeks!

Stay tuned!


Android 8 with Rachio 3.6 (11997)


Hi Laura,

Let me inform you that yesterday’s update 3.6.1(12043) release fixed the issue.
Thank you very much for your hard work on this.
Have a nice weekend.


OH PHEW! Thank goodness. Best Monday news ever :slight_smile:

Have an awesome week, @ervin75!