Android app bug

Hello recently my Android app has been showing an ‘irrigation’ message at the bottom. I think this is a bug.

I have stopped the app and cleared cache to no effect.

App version 4.4.
Android 11 on Pixel 4a 5G

I also have Pixel 4a 5G and don’t see this issue. Possibly, it related to gallons display; my app is showing minutes (no flow meter or flow data entered). I’m on version 4.4.7; updating may help. Also, you might try “Clear storage” (you’ll have to log in again, but all real settings are in the back end so you won’t lose anything else you entered). If no luck, it probably is a bug.

I’m already on the latest app version on the play store.

Also tried clearing storage and re logged in. And changed display to minutes. Same thing.

It actually kind of looks like the name of the screen I’m on is being displayed

Samsung S21 Ultra here, and I don’t have that showing on my app in any of my controllers. I don’t have that devices button either. I’m on version 4.4.7, which is the most current one in the Play store.