Android 8 Galaxy S7 Application locks up

installed my rachio 3 yesterday. Although it seemingly was working fine I twice had the application lock up and was forced to go to the control box to turn off the water. This morning the phone app (android) locked up at startup (blue screen and logo). I tried to force a stop but got a “server not reachable” message. So I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it working again. Went inside to change some settings using Win 10 desktop computer. Have seen it lock up three times (so far) with the screen going completely blank. A screen refresh brought it back but at least one time took 15-20 seconds. A forth lock up yielded a “error loading data” message with the blue circle of death on the screen. I had to close the window and log back in. I can see that if the Rachio server is critical to making this thing work. hope this doesn’t continue. as a new user, should I be concerned? FYI, I have very good connectivity to my wifi network with both my phone and the rachio.

FYI: my phone is an Samsung G7, Android 8.kernal 03.18.71. My desktop is HP Envy, Win 10 v1803

If the software engineers find this thread, it’d be good for them to know what version of Android and what version of the Rachio app. This is the first report of consistent crashing/“lock up” I’ve seen in this community in a while. If the app behaves long enough, consider going to the support screen and filing a ticket. Maybe the log the app sends along with the ticket will include some information on these app/Android OS issues.

In a pinch, you can use web interface on your Android too. The web interface has been working fine for me, as has my iOS app.

As indicated, the android application locked up at the same time. I’ll go back and edit orginal post with additional info you suggested.

@davehu Thanks for providing that additional information. I will have the engineering team review your account.


just a follow up. Once I finished with the initial setup I really don’t use the Android application anymore so I can’t say this is still an issue. However, using it with my desktop computer or my chromebook through the web, everything sees to work fine. Despite the initial problems using my phone, this is a great product.

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