Android 2.1, photo upload


2.1 Android just released to Play store, should be available in the next few hours.

Major feature is zone photo upload.



is that your yard? :wink:


lol, yes.

Someday I’ll blog on my sprinkler setup, you’d get a kick out of it. It’s definitely a hardware hack.



It would be neat to use Google Street view pictures for the front of my house.


who!, thanks!


Sweet. Just downloaded and tested. Photos are working on Android. Now my wife can use the app and know what yard she is turning on :smile:


yea, would love to hear about it for sure…


I saw the comment about uploading pictures of zones in What’s New for the latest update to the Android app, and I had to try it.

Very nice implementation, especially the integration of Google Photos gallery pictures directly into the picture selection. No need to push pictures around to get them accessible to the app, and the ability to size and crop without any fuss is well done.

I don’t really have an urgent need to have the pictures to tell me which zone is which, but it’s fun to see snapshots of my actual zones on the app, and I really appreciate that Rachio is continuously innovating, updating and improving your product. Well done!