"An unexpected error occurred" during Gen2 setup

Im in the process of upgrading 2 Gen 1 controllers to Gen 2. I completed mounting and wiring as well as physical removal of the older Gen 1 controllers. I however get stuck at Gen2 setup using the iOS app. After choosing a wifi network. I was able to see the controller, select the WiFi network I wish to connect to, but never asked to enter the controller’s serial number and instead receive “An unexpected error occurred.”

After 10-15 tries the first controller connected and I migrated the Gen 1 setting over. However the second controller continued to error out. I called the phone support at 230pm CST and waited on hold for over 30 minutes in the queue without response. Any suggestions?

I can see the top LED lit up and blinking it just never requests the serial number for full activation.

Can you PM the serial number? Thanks!


Thanks for resolving this

@control4reak, sorry for the wait. Our IVR should have a notice that forecasts the wait time but it appears it was not working today. We’ll get this corrected.

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What was the resolution? I am having the exact same issues.

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Did anyone actually get a reply to this.
I’ve got the same problem with 2 units.
Plenty of mention of the same problem but no posts of how to fix.


If you reach out to our support team they will be able to assist you.


If you want to PM the serial numbers I can see if there is anything that is obvious as to the issue you are having with the units.


Hi all-
I just wanted to post a quick resolution on this thread for those having this issue in the future. If your fourth light is flashing on your Gen 2 controller, go straight to support. This issue can be resolved with basically the push of the button by our agents, and while there is some troubleshooting you can sometimes do on your end, it’s just not worth it. Support can be contacted at support@rachio.com
McKynzee :rachio:

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