Ambient Weather WS-2902

Just purchased an Ambient Weather WS-2902 and trying to get my personal weather station into the Rachio world. I can’t figure out how to get this station to upload the information to PWS so my Rachio interface would see it in the “chose your weather station” of the Rachio Dashboard. Thanks for any help.

Rich in NC

@rric31 - First post your weather to WeatherUnderground. Then use WUFYI.COM (beta version) to port the data to PWSWeather from WeatherUnderground. The data will then show up. Search for WUFYI on the forum for instructions.


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I just installed the same station and the method described above worked perfectly and I was able to select my station from the PWS list after 24 hours or so… I had a little trouble with the formatting of the custom URL but interpreting it carefully was the key…the Ambient Weather WS-2902 is performing perfectly in our freezing weather right now, I think it’s a great accurate Low cost station! I hope to use FTTT to add wind into the equation of “to water or not to water”. Anyone have a good formula to incorporate that variable?

I have a WS-2902 also, just did the integration using WU data, and just waiting for it to show up as a choice of PWS in Rachio. This seems to be a great weather station so far.

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I also just recently purchased and installed a Ambient Weather WS-2902. Unfortunately, Weather Underground is no longer giving out free API keys. Is there any other solution to get my weather info published to Pwsweather?

Ah… I see that does not need a wundergroudn api key and can be used to port your wunderground station info to Pwsweather. That took me way longer than necessary, but… muhahah… finally!

Thank you wufyi developers!!