Am I the only one still using a Gen 1?

Reading through the forums and I don’t see anyone else on the first generation unit.

Mine it working great. I’ve read the specs on the upgraded Gen2 and Gen3 and with the exception of the water meter integration and the manual controls, I can’t see a reason to upgrade. I have my weather station at my house integrated with the Gen1 and I think it’s working great.

I just upgraded my sprinkler heads to MP Rotators and Rachio made the necessary schedule changes when I redefined the the zones.

Am I missing something?


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I’m sure there are still plenty of people who are still using Gen 1. They’ve probably set their up long ago and it kept running without issues, thus the reason you don’t hear from them on the community forums.

Seems like a good majority of the posts here are dealing with the new installations / users.

Rachio has a handy chart to show the differences:

For me the smarter flow meter integration was a game changer and justified the upgrade as soon as possible. Water costs where I live are high and I do not have access to a well or a lake to offset irrigation costs. Leaks detected as soon as possible result in considerable savings.

I’m sure at some point, a new feature will be released on the new generation of hardware which would make upgrading worthwhile for you. Until than enjoy your hard working OG controller :wink:

@Gene Great breakdown, as always.

@ColoradoSteve We have a strong gen 1 customer base and will not leave you behind!


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Thanks, Franz!

Two Gen1’s here…although I do have a couple Gen3’s I need to install once it drops below 110…



I’am used first gen too the best gen lol

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