Always on 24V Output

Is the Rachio 2nd Gen capable of sending a 24V output that’s always on?

Here’s why I’m wondering:

I’d like to wire a manual bypass switch on a pump start relay in order to operate an outdoor spigot off of my well without needing to open the app every time (and without having to install a pressure tank). The pump start relay would have one hot from the M output, then another hot from the bypass switch, which would be fed from the always-on output.



If you don’t want to open the app and you do want constant 24 volt, why not just splice into the transformer wire?

Hi @colesigmon, we’ve previously discussed overriding a master valve / relay here (link).

To answer you question: yes. SC terminal provides a constant 24V AC source (relative to Common) and you can add a 3-way switch to act as an override.



This works well - it would be great if the owner’s manual or online instructions pointed this out directly.