Alternative less expensive flow meters

All the “suggested” meters are WAY TO EXPENSIVE. The cheapest being $250 and the most expensive climbing to over $500. Really?

I have a Dwyer WMT2-A-C-01-1, which is an impeller style that has the same sensor pulse rate as the Badger models but is WAY CHEAPER at an online price of around $70! Just make sure you get the model with the “WMT2-A-C-01-1” as this is the correct 1.0 gal/pulse whereas the WMT2-A-C-01" (without the “-1” on the end) is a 0.1 gal/pulse meter.

Rachio, you should test cheaper, more reasonable, models rather than go for the cadillac and BMWs of flow meters.

Cheers all,

@uapilot, thanks for sharing! We’ll pass this along to our hardware team to see if there’s any limitations with using or recommending it. Do you have it connected to your Rachio controller currently?

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