Alternating day schedule

I am trying to set my watering schedule for every other day (alternating days). The only way I have figured out to do this is to set it for even days (or odd days). So I set it for even days. The problem is that at the end of this month its going to miss a day because there are two odd days in a row 31 May and 1 June. Is that right? How can I get it to be every other day? And I dont want to set it for odd days either because then it would water two days in a row and with water costs as high as they are here that is prohibitive. What is the method of setting it for alternating days?


I think the best you can do is use an even day schedule and then manually run the schedule on that missed day. Here is how to manually run a schedule if this solution works for you.


You got to be kidding. This is a “smart” controller? First off, getting access to your controller on a specific day is not a given. Sometimes my travels take me to places where I have no ability to get an internet connection or your servers are blocked by local authorities. And then keeping track of time zones to know when to do this is also an enormous burden.

If this is an example of how “smart” the controller is Im scared to trust things like “weather intelligence”.

Looks like Rachio is pretty dumb.


Sorry you feel that way. How would you envision a better schedule programming model that supports that feature?


Just offer a scheduling alternative that says “every other day” from now until whatever. How hard is that?

@nmstough Just use daily interval of 2. That will take care of it.


Ha, you’d think I helped build the system or something. It’s been a long day for sure. Yes of course interval 2 will work, sorry to waste your time @nmstough.


OK, thats much better. Only thing is that I would recommend changing the name of the type of schedule from “daily”. I never clicked on that because I thought that daily meant once a day. Perhaps fixed interval or something like that? And while you’re at it allow for other types of intervals, like once a week, once every 20 hours, etc.

@nmstough Isn’t daily interval of 2 once a day every 2 days? Daily Interval of 7 is once a week. If you go to Hourly Interval menu then you can specify hourly intervals as well. We only support hourly intervals of 1, 2, 4, 6 hours though. They evenly distribute through 24 hour period. I apologize if this caused confusion for you.

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My point was simply that from the menu, “daily” seems to imply once a day, so one never clicks on that to get the submenu where you see that you can specify more than one day at a time.

But why not in general have a category “fixed interval” then in the submenu you specify the time difference between the intervals, in both days AND hours. So for instance 2 days 0 hours, or 1 day 10 hours, etc. That would seem to subsume all of these different choices.