Allowed Depletion moved from 10% to 50% for October?

Hi folks.

I’m running a flexible daily schedule, and have been since July. My “allowed depletion” had (I believe) been at 10% in all zones until I noticed today that it was at 50% in all zones.

Is it reasonable to assume that the flexible daily schedule knows something about October in the Chicago area that would make it move the “floor” from 10% to 50%? Seems aggressive.

Thanks for your insights community!

Hey @mikebechtel, flex daily will not adjust your settings at any time. Other schedules will adjust waterings on a monthly basis, but not flex daily. 50% is the default for allowed depletion , so maybe your system was never really at 10% or it was reset?

Just out of curiosity, what are you watering at 10% allowed depletion?