Allow multiple schedules to overlap

Easiest to request by walking you through my example:
I have three fixed schedules. The first includes all 10 zones and runs every 3 days for varying times for each zone. The second schedule is for a first newly cleared and seeded zone (zone 10), running every 6 hours for 8 minutes each. The third schedule is for a second recently repaired and seeded area in a different zone (Zone 6) and also runs every 6 hours for 8 minutes each time. Wanting to avoid daily winds and breezes as much as possible, schedule 1 starts at 4am and runs for ~ 2hours; the 2nd schedule. In trying to optimize all the waterings (avoiding winds), I’m finding that if one zone is running (such as the larger Schedule #!), it doesn’t allow the other schedules to occur.
It would be helpful if the schedules could be concurrent; or better yet, if the schedules could be selectable to run concurrently. It would take a bit of “If/Then” reasoning, such as which schedules are allowed to participate; but I think worth it by saving much time and effort, which is a prime purpose of the Rachio controllers and services.
Thanks for Your Great Work!!!