Allow For Two Flex Schedules

I’d like to suggest a capability such that two flex schedules could exist.

Obviously zones have to be unique to a flex sched. I.e.:

  1. Flex Sched One: all zones that can be watered any day of week.
  2. Flex Sched Two: remaining zones that can only be watered on certain days of the week (due to water restriction municipal rules, when the lawn mowing guy comes, when the school bus comes, etc.

Right now only one Flex Sched is allowed (probably because logic would be needed to ensure each zone is unique to a flex sched).

Thank you.

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@a0128958 You should be able to do that currently. The only thing we do not allow is the same zone in multiple flex schedules.


Unable to accomplish this using the Web. Can’t find any icons or buttons that will allow me to add a second flex schedule. And working on screen says ‘all zones’ for the flex schedule I have.

What am I missing, or not seeing?

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Does it make sense to have a fixed flex schedule? will it work and adjust?on a three day a week schedule?

Hi @a0128958
There should be an option/button underneath the schedule calendar to add another schedule (See image). Let me know if you’re not seeing this…

I see the option/button.

But when I click on it, there’s no action possible to add a flex schedule.

Note that I already have one flex schedule established.



Hi @a0128958
Are all of your zones already in a FLEX schedule? If they are then you will not be able to create another flex schedule.


Now I know what ‘Yes/No’ means on the far right side of an open flex schedule screen.’

And now I know you have to remove zones from an existing flex sched before they’ll be available to a new flex zone.

And now I know that you can’t create a new flex sched when zero zones are available.

And a zone only being allowed in on flex schedule makes sense.

Sorry to trouble you on this one - couldn’t figure it out intuitively, I guess.

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No trouble at all! This type of feedback helps us to find pain points for our users and continually improve.

Thanks for the feedback!

Dan :rachio:

Are you saying that it should be possible to have more than one flex schedule? how would that work?

As long as you have different zones in them, you can have more than one flex schedule (i.e. you want one to start at 3AM with a certain set of zones and one to start at 10PM with another set of zones).


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Ok thank you for clearing that up that exactly what I thought.

Wondering if this problem has been fixed already. I have watering restrictions for lawns only, they can only be watered 3 days a week. I created one flex schedule for the lawn watering days and included all zones, I created a second flex schedule for the other days, just for the shrub garden zones (without the lawn zones). So my garden zones are in 2 different flex schedules.

Will this be a problem?

@jkb I do not see a problem with that.


Thanks, Franz.