All zones suddenly no longer watering... how to troubleshoot?

I’ve had my Rachio V1 up and watering for over a year, but now all of the zones fail to water. The schedule shows they are watering and manual mode will also display that watering is taking place, but the actual sprinkler heads never actually pop up or disburse any water (i.e., the controller seems to think it’s watering, but no watering is actually taking place). I did check to make sure the main irrigation valve is open, but what other steps can I take to troubleshoot this? Thanks!

A couple of thoughts for you:

  • Do you have a master valve controlled by the Rachio ahead of the zone valves? If so, maybe open that valve manually and see if the zone valves then open. Note this is different than the valve on your pipes that turn water on/off for the season.

  • Often you can hear the zone valves click open and shut if you go to the valve box and manually open/shut them. You might also hear the solenoids hum when the valves are open. Maybe try that to see if they are getting a signal.


@Rimas, are you still having trouble getting your zones to water? If you haven’t yet, double check to make sure the front panel is securely attached to the wallmount and didn’t get bumped off. Assuming that isn’t the issue, here’s a list of other common troubleshooting tips to try.

Hope this helps.