ALL zones run together

Switched from Rainbird E-6c to Rachio 3. Looks like wiring is correct (pics below) but EVERY zone comes on at the same time, every time, regardless of which zone I’m trying to run. Any suggestions?

Can we assume the system was functioning fine just before the switch from the Rainbird (not months or years prior)?

Rachio doesn’t physically have the capability (software) or the power (hardware) to run 6 stations and a master valve at the same time. My initial thought is that there is an issue with the zone valves, and each time you run a zone, it turns on the master valve, which allows free flow to all the zones…

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@Ginak21 - picking up on what @tmcgahey said - could all the valves have been opened to blow out the system? What happens if the master valve is manually opened using the solenoid/bleed screw at the valve - do all the zones spray - if so, check the solenoids/bleed screw at each valve to make sure they are not in the open position (many times is it a quarter of a turn on the solenoid to manually open the valve, or there is a separate bleed screw to manually operate the valve) - as this would take Rachio completely out of the picture. Another way to accomplish this test, would be to label and remove all the zone wires from Rachio, leaving just the C and M connected and run a zone. If any zone sprays, then the valve for that zone is manually open - or the zone wires are fused together someplace which Rachio can’t supply enough power for - which was stated in the prior post.