All zones not watering

I have a Rachio 2 system with six zones that has worked fine for the past two years. This year, zones 1&2 do not turn on while 3-6 work as expected. In the app, everything appears to be working, but no actual water comes out of the sprinklers. From the wiring standpoint, nothing has changed as far as I can tell since last fall. Any ideas that would help?

@bogle, If you have a voltmeter you can test the output of stations 1&2. If the controller is putting out 24V, then you would need to check the wiring at the valve locations in your yard. Has any digging happened in the yard since the end of last year? If it’s the voltage is good at both locations then make sure you have water at the valve by manually opening the valve w/ the bleed screw or turning the solenoid counter clockwise. That is a good starting point, let us know what you find.

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In addition to what @gaustin said or asked . . . how many sprinkler boxes do you have and where are zones 1 & 2? In other words, are 1 & 2 in the same box and with the same set of wires? It is possible a ground came look. I guess this is really beyond the good starting point that was already given.

If and when the wiring checks out, might need to pull the top of the valve apart and replace the diaphragm. If they have been off for the season, they may have gotten themselves stuck and unable to move, allowing the valve to turn on.

Thanks all for taking the time to respond. I will check things out in the morning and report back.

Ok, I need to run to the store to get a voltmeter, but did want to post an update. It is actually zones 1-3 that are not working, while 4-6 are fine. 1-3 are located in this box attached, and I’m including the controller. Water looks good as plenty comes out from the bleed screw. Hopefully this narrows it down, but I will go get the voltmeter to further test. Thanks again.

Zones 1-3 are for flower beds and front/right side of house, 4-6 serve back yard and left side of house.

Since 1-3 are in one box (not working) and 4-6 are in another (working), it seems likely to be a grounding issue. In the second picture, I am seeing the colors are duplicated, which would likely mean that you have one set of wires going to one box and another set to the other. I also do not see two yellow wires connect to the controller, but could be wrong. Could the ground to 1-3 have come loose at the controller (if not, I would also check the other end).

Again, thank you all for stepping up to help and making me look like I could figure things out. Not sure how, but the grounding wire was somehow disconnected and everything is working again!

Reconnected at the controller and all is well.

Awesome, fantastic job @bogle. Was it at the controller or box end?