All zones are powered on

We recently discovered that our Rachio no longer turns on our zones. I can manually turn on sprinklers by turning the solenoid. When checking voltage on zones, I measure ~29VAC on all 8 zones (both with and without the common/solenoid wires connected). Does this indicate that my Rachio device is fried?

Let me understand…You have voltage when nothing is running, or are you saying that you’ve checked each zone independently and confirmed voltage when each zone is running?

If you have voltage on the zone wires when you’d expect to have voltage, all indications are that the unit is working. I’d find it hard to believe that all solenoids or valves went bad, so I’d lean towards an issue with the common wire. You could possibly try moving it to a different C terminal.

Thanks for your reply.

Voltage is present on all 8 zone outputs simultaneously. Even when i disconnect all wires (common included), I can still measure 29VAC on all zones. When I select a specific zone, it remains at 29VAC on the selected zone and all others. The unit reports that the zone is running successfully, but nothing is happening at the solenoids.

I have tried multiple power cycles with no change.

Are you using the original power brick that came with the unit? I think there have been instances like this when people replace the power brick and grab the wrong one.

Yes, I am still using the original power supply that came with the unit. My device is about 2 years old and was purchased brand new.

We have the exact same problem. Rachio controller and the app are showing the system is running Ok, but no valves are actually being activated - even when running them manually from the front panel or app.

We are measuring 27vac on all outputs all the time, regardless of what the controller or app are saying.

We are only able to run the sprinklers by manually turning the solenoids at the valves.

Rebooting, resetting, and plugging/unplugging the controller makes no difference.