All Weather Underground PWS Stations Missing

Just received an email from Rachio informing me my selected weather station was no longer reporting and Weather Intelligence Plus had switched me to another station (local airport). Since my selected station is my own PWS that reports to WU, I verified it is and has been reporting to WU. I went into the Rachio app to switch my preferred station back to my own and, to my surprise, the only choices I was given were airport stations. No WU stations were shown. And there are dozens of WU stations in my area that previously showed up on the Rachio map. Is anyone else having this issue and know what’s going on with the WU stations. BTW, I have the Rachio Generation 3.

Same here. Mine is reporting and live right now but it is not showing in the list

Same. I came here looking for information before contacting support.

Yes, I’m having the same problem, on web app, iPhone and iPad. The weird part is that it comes and goes. Sometimes they show up correctly. And I also can’t find anywhere to toggle to say that I want to see PWS’s.

My local weather stations showed up and I was able to add my old one back.

My stations are back as well and I’ve re-added mine. I did open a ticket yesterday with Rachio support. I’ve not gotten a response yet so I’m hoping they will address the issue and tell us what’s going on.